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  • Do It Yourself: Your Own Kitchen Backsplash

    Design Your Own Back Splash And Mosaic Counter

    You ought not have a problem putting mosaic tiles on a flat surface. You can locate many colors of tiles at your local tile shop. The tile shop salesperson will be able to help you find the best colors and design. If you have a design you would like, you should sketch out the design on your counter. You can implement a felt pen that is going to mark the kitchen counter with your design.

    You'll want to utilize a utility knife to mark the area so that the surface is smooth enough to glue your tiles efficiently. You could use water-based adhesive like Elmer's white glue to place on the surface. In order to create the pattern you want without a hitch, you should take your time laying the tiles down. Before you can place the first tile, you need to be very certain of the pattern that you will have for your counter. When putting down the tiles, you have to start in the center then gradually work outwards. The next thing to perform should be to spread tile cement or mortar that's approximately 1/8th of an inch thick over the surface. When you find yourself placing the tiles on the counter top, place your tiles according to the pattern that you drew on the surface. If you'd like sections for the corners and ends, you can find special tiles for that. You need to wait for the cement to set until it will become hard.

    Then next, you can seal the space between the tiles using tile grout. If you visit your local tile shop, you can find a wide variety of colors for grout besides white and cream. To make sure that the seams are smooth and the grout is smoothed out, you will need to make use of a trowel. In most cases, there is a space between every tile about 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch. Once you are finished with the trowel, you need to wipe away all of the seams between the tiles using a sponge. After you have cleaned the surface, you can now admire your own labor. When working on your counter top or back splash, always choose a design that is not too busy. If you sell your home, you'll want to keep your design simple. It is wise to stick with one primary color and using some complimentary colors for accents.

    To be able to be experimental by means of mixed colored tiles, you can place them in a towel then whack them with a hammer. You will end up with a lot of shapes and sizes. As soon as that is finished, you place mortar on the back splash and trowel it to about 1/8 of an inch thick. You are now able to take the smashed pieces and put them along the back splash while leaving about 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch of space between the pieces. Ensure that the colors you choose go with each other. Once the tiles have dried on your back splash, take the grout and smooth it through the tiles.

    You may end up enjoying doing mosaic tiles so much that you turn it into a business of your own. It could end up being a big money earner for your situation. There are plenty of folks who took a hobby that they enjoyed and turned it into a successful business.

    Added by Blake & Vance on Mon, Jul 23rd 2012